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Florida Hardship License

Driving with Suspended License Florida

What Is A Hardship License in Florida?

Getting your hardship license Florida is the first step to having your driving privileges reinstated and this 12 hour ADI School course makes it as convenient to do as possible. If your driving license has been suspended then hardship license Florida is a temporary license that allows you to drive conditionally to certain places while you work on getting your full privileges reinstated. When you sign up for 12 hour driving school course along with hardship license Florida you will receive an enrollment certificate, which will qualify you for your hardship license and you can start driving immediately.

Depending on your violation, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) have the final say on whether you are eligible for these options.

Eligibility Requirements

This course is for anyone who has had their license suspended or revoked for Non-DUI violation, is a habitual traffic offender (12 points on your record within 12 months), or wants to obtain a Florida hardship license.

Follow the Steps to Get Your Hardship License Florida:

      Enroll for 12 hour traffic school ADI course and get your course enrollment letter immediately.
  • Collect your last 30 days driving record from the clerk of your local court.
  • Submit the course enrollment letter and driving record information to your Florida Bureau of Administrative Review office. This is the government agency that will grant your FL hardship license if you are eligible to receive one.
  • If you are eligible then receive the FL hardship license from the hearing officer.

If you granted a Florida hardship license, you still need to complete the 12 Hour ADI course to have your driverís license reinstated. Habitual Traffic Offenders must complete the 12 Hour Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI) course before they can apply for a Florida hardship license

Types of Florida Hardship License

In Florida, there are two types of restricted licenses that fall into the Hardship License category. One allows the driver to use their car for business purposes, and the other allows driving for employment purposes. Though these sound similar, there are some basic differences in your driving privileges.

1. Business Purposes: This type of restricted license allows a driver to use their vehicle to get to and from work, for job-related driving, for educational purposes, to get to and from church or another religious institution, and to drive for approved medical purposes.

2. Employment Purposes: With this type of restricted license, you will ONLY be allowed to drive to and from work, and perform necessary job-related driving.

Drivers Who Are Not Eligible For a Florida Hardship License

If your license was suspended for any of the following reasons, you will NOT be able to apply for a Florida Hardship License:

  • Your license was suspended for a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) conviction. If you received a DUI violation, your license will be suspended for 180 days to one year. You may not apply for a 12-hour ADI course or a hardship license until your suspension has been completed and you've finished all other DUI offense-related requirements.
  • You are not physically capable of operating a motor vehicle. Your license will remain suspended for one year and you are not eligible to apply for a Florida hardship license if you have been convicted of inability to operate a motor vehicle safely. According to the DHSMV, you can request a hearing to earn one or two opportunities to pass the DHSMV driver license test. Once the suspension has been lifted, you'll then be required to pass the DHSMV exams for license reinstatement.

Can I Take An ADI Course in Florida?

Some drivers with a suspended license can take a 12-hour ADI course in order to reinstate their license. In fact, you might be able to apply for a Florida Hardship License as soon as you register for a course. To find out if you're eligible, contact your DHSMV or court.

How to Enroll 12 Hour ADI School Course

This 12 hour driving school course is designed to help you get your license reinstated after a suspension or revocation and the best part is that the entire thing is done online. All you need to access the course is a computer that has an internet connection, so you get the flexibility you need to work when you want and from wherever is most convenient for you.

Florida State-Approved

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) has approved this ADI school online course statewide, so it meets all the requirements needed to get your license back after a suspension or revocation, or if you have been court-ordered to complete a 12 hour advanced driver improvement program.

Immediate Benefits!

When you sign up for the course we will send you an enrollment form, which can be taken to the DMV to obtain your hardship license Florida. Once you finish the rest of the course your full completion certificate will earn you full driving privileges back.

Online Course Structure

This online 12 hour ADI course has multiple units that you can work on it multiple sessions, logging in and out as much as you want. The course is designed to be done at your own pace, so you donít have to worry about anyone else or feel pressed for time. You will have to pass a short quiz after each unit, but you canít fail because you can take them as many times as you need.

Final Exam Guarantee

There are 10 short answer questions that make up the final exam and there is no right and wrong answer. If you answer each question then you are guaranteed to pass the course, so we leave nothing to chance when it comes to getting your license back.

Free Shipping of Certificate

Our representatives process and mail out your certificate of completion the very day you finish the Florida ADI course, so you can get your license reinstated immediately. It is mailed directly to your doorstep for convenience and the shipping doesn’t cost you a thing; it’s free!

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