The traffic rules

For many years they used to say: you have to aim well and then shoot. In recent years, however, technology has changed and may have changed. Today, in many cases, first they shoot and only then are they directed. There are missiles fired from a vessel or aircraft at a distance of dozens of kilometers in the general direction of the target and while it is flying in the air, directing it to the target and correcting its cruise route according to the many parameters received. First they shoot and only then are they directed!

This is a significant revolution that can and should affect our behavior today.

The internet is no different from the military world In this sense, the Internet is a very dynamic world, things change rapidly and although we build the business on the basis of stable principles, we have the ability to quickly set up the business and repair and improve while doing the actual action. This is exactly what you should adopt in everyday activities and work. To initiate, to initiate processes, to fire this missile and then to repair while moving. When you correct, you pull to the right, pull to the left, and as you approach the target, the more clearly you see it, the more you check whether it moves and where it moves. It is an amazing way to get rid of hemorrhoids without any long consequences.

That’s exactly what needs to be done. People who despaired of starting a business did not check whether the target had moved and may not have seen it clearly. When everything becomes clearer, when you understand that you can change while moving, you increase your chances of success.

Nevertheless, there are many ordinary and online businesses that fail. In the normal business world, reports show that 90% of businesses fail in the first year. So what? Does that mean we should not start? Definately not!

First, always look at the glass half full: 10% are successful and we have to decide that our business will be in these 10% and do everything necessary to succeed beyond imagination.

This decision is our thinking that leads to feeling, action, and results.

“I know that.” This is one of the most dangerous thoughts that might be. When we think “I know it,” our brain is sealed, the shutter closes and we do not get it. When we do not realize, we may miss a lot.

Always keep an open mind and listen. In this great endeavor and the great amount of knowledge, different people have different experiences. Another person’s experience may have a material impact on my business or my clients’ businesses, so I leave an open mind to take in other people’s ideas and opinions.